Love and appreciation, brother Drue, this article is received inn divine timing. 🩵🙏🏻🩷

Peace be with all on Earths school house, as the work continues with~inn.

Love and light.🙏🏻🤍🦋🕊

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Another eye/mind opening article from my soul brother, Drue. I appreciate you very much! 🩵💛🤍

I love how you explained vortex water. 💦It is something that I'm trying to understand and you explained it perfectly.

You have a special way of simplifying complex data/process. Thank you for all that you do. Love and light. 🙏🤍🕊️

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Hi Drue!

I discovered your lessons on Telegram. As far as experiences, since late January I’ve been having a cold feeling in the center of my brain.

At first they came on very consistently for long durations. Now they are not as strong and don’t last too long. Any insight would help.


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