As a Reiki Master, who is a lawyer in my day to day life, I needed to read this today. I have eight months left to the closure of my legal practice. It is so hard to keep going when another focus calls to me more strongly everyday. I can’t quit prematurely - I am where I am supposed to be right now (a special niche of public defense work). We are being bombarded with fear porn of every kind. It is hard to not think about the fear issues. I stop myself and take a deep breath so many times in a day. I believe we can raise the vibrations of the world. It is our sacred duty.

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Received inn divine timing.

Love and appreciation drue for your ongoing work and the raising of the frequencies in the conscious field.

To all be~inns here and beyond eye send love and gratitude into the oneness.

Love ❤️ joy and peace🧡🙏🏻🤍🦋🕊

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